Friday, October 11, 2013

day 133

I have again a lot of delay on my posts... but we have been on a trip to Bhutan for 10 days! And we have so many pictures that it's going to be really difficult to choose only one per day.

We left on Friday night, and had to spend the night at the airport in Bangkok, since the it is one of the few places where you can take a flight to Paro. Fulvio took this picture while waiting at the airport.

First thing about going to Bhutan: The landing in Paro was the BEST LANDING EVER!!!! The captain said to the passengers who went to Paro for the first time: "don't panic". The airport is in a valley, and the plane had to go really close to the mountains, it was amazing! And I was seated next to the window, so I could see it very well (If you ever go, choose a window on the left side) 

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